Postdoctoral Associate

Position: We have an opening for a postdoctoral associate to lead multimodal neuroimaging studies of brain function in Laura Lewis' lab at Boston University, aiming to advance computational and systems neuroscience of the human brain. This position offers the opportunity to develop computational neuroimaging approaches using state-of-the-art MR techniques, and study the neural basis and cognitive consequences of sleep, wake, arousal, and attentional states. We use fast fMRI, multimodal imaging (EEG-fMRI, PET-fMRI, ASL), computational modeling, ultra-high field (7 Tesla) imaging, and other multimodal approaches to measure and analyze brain function across diverse states. The lab is a fast-paced and interdisciplinary environment that supports its members in achieving their long-term research and career goals, and has strong collaborations throughout the Boston-area computational neuroscience and neuroimaging communities.

Requirements: We encourage applications from a wide variety of fields, seeking candidates with highly motivated and creative approaches to engineering and/or neuroscience. Candidates should have a Ph.D. in related field (e.g. neuroscience, engineering, physics, psychology). Desired skills include a strong quantitative or computational background, proficiency in programming (e.g. Matlab or Python), and past experience in fMRI and/or electrophysiology would be an asset.

How to apply: Please email C.V., cover letter describing research experience and future interests and goals, and names of three references to Laura Lewis,

Graduate Students

We accept graduate students through the departmental program at BU Biomedical Engineering or the Graduate Program in Neuroscience. Current students can contact Laura Lewis directly with a description of their background and interests, to discuss possible research projects and rotations.

Undergraduate Research Assistants

We do not currently anticipate having openings for undergraduate research assistants in Fall 2020. Feel free to check back for future semesters.

How to apply: Interested students can fill out this form