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Lab News

Sep 2022: 

Bev's paper on awakening is published in Nature Communications! Article link

July 2022: 

Congratulations to Bev for receiving an NIH F31 NRSA Award! Amazing work! 

March 2022:

Congratulations Iris, Irene, and May for earning summer UROP Research Awards!

Congratulations Taylor for receiving the Distinguished Summer Research Fellowship Award!

Nov 2021: 

Laura's review article on sleep is published in Science: Article link

August 2021: 

Congratulations Sydney on her commentary being published in Brain! Article link

July 2021:

Laura is honoured to be selected as a McKnight Fellow!

Laura is grateful for the support of the Pew Biomedical Scholar award!

March 2021: 

Congratulations Stephanie on being selected for an NDSEG Graduate Fellowship!

Feb. 2021: 

Zinong's review article on imaging temporal dynamics of brain states is published: Open-access link

Laura is honoured to be selected as an Alfred P. Sloan Research Fellow!

Jan. 2021: 

We are very grateful for the generous support of the 1907 Research foundation in selecting Laura for the 1907 Trailblazer Award! 

Dec. 2020: 

Congratulations to Stephanie on publishing her Insight article in eLife!

Sep. 2020: 

The lab receives an award as part of the exciting new Simons Collaboration on Plasticity in the Aging Brain!

July 2020:

Congratulations Jingyuan for receiving a Summa Cum Laude award at ISMRM!

May 2020:

Congratulations Beverly for being selected as a Hariri Graduate Student Fellow! This award recognizes outstanding Ph.D. students in computational research.

Congratulations to Josh and Cormac for being selected as NSF Neurophotonics Research Trainees! Great work!

Laura receives the Searle Scholar Award to support the lab's research!  

March 2020:

Nicole, Zenia, and Mita earn summer UROP Research Awards! 

Beverly and Stephanie receive honorable mentions from NSF GRFP, congratulations!

December 2019: 

Congratulations to Jeff for successfully defending his MS thesis!

Laura receives the Smith Family Award for Excellence in Biomedical Research to support the lab's research!

Nicole, Zenia, and Mita earn spring UROP Research Awards! 

November 2019: 

Nina's paper is published in Science!  

October 2019:

Uday's paper is published in Neuroimage!

September 2019: 

Laura receives the NARSAD Young Investigator Grant for the lab's work

August 2019:

Laura receives the One Mind Rising Star award to support the lab's research!

May 2019: 

Nina wins a Spark Award from the Martinos Center for Collaboration! 

Uday received the Magna Cum Laude award for his conference abstract at ISMRM! Congrats Uday!

Jingyuan received 2 Summa Cum Laude awards at ISMRM! Congrats Jingyuan! 

April 2019: 

Nicole received a BU UROP award!

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